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Enterprise-grade AI-generated Content Detection

Our advanced AI Content Detector uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and quickly identify any AI-generated content, shedding light on human generated elements and those generated by AI, offering insights down to the sentence and phrase level.


AI Generated Content

High chance of being AI-Generated

Low chance of being AI-Generated

The products is done in such a way that customers overall perception about the product is favorable for purchase. Traditional methods of Marketing 55% High chance were advertisements in print, digital, radio and other audible or visual means.

arrow 15% AI Generated text

Traditional means still exist but are very heavily augmented by digital means. The modern day customer has substantial digital as well as physical footprints and Marketing, in a stealthy fashion tries to occupy both spaces.

arrow 12% AI Generated text

With the advent of digital media and customers ’ lifestyles becoming multi - faceted, Marketing established itself in the digital space in the form of digital ads, webinars, Search engine results, Videos

arrow 10% AI Generated text

Why Choose Enago AI Content Detector?

Wide Coverage of LLM Models

It detects AI-generated text by LLMs such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Claude, Bard, GPT-4, etc.

Swift and Precise Analysis

Gives you results instantly and with a high level of accuracy.

Paraphrased AI Content Detection

It can identify AI-generated text, even if it has been paraphrased.

Quick Overview with Score

Provides a score indicating the proportion of text in your content that is created by AI.

Integrate AI Content Detection across your
company to ensure content credibility

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Suitable for



Make sure your content is original and crafted by humans before submitting it to search engines like Google.



Uphold educational standards by verifying that your content is human-generated to preserve academic integrity.



Maintain the rigor of your research by confirming that your content is human generated before sharing it.



Safeguard the quality of your publications by ensuring that your content is authored by humans to maintain professional credibility.

Improve your company's content credibility with
AI Content Detection

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Frequently asked questions

AI Content Detector is specialized solution designed to ascertain the authenticity of text. Its primary function is to distinguish between content generated by AI platforms like ChatGPT and content Human – generated, thereby determining the integrity of a given piece of text.

AI Content Detectors leverage natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning techniques to assess text. They differentiate human from AI-generated writing, predict text authorship, assign a probability score indicating whether it was written by a human or AI, and continuously improve their performance through updated training data.

Plagiarism Detection primarily focuses on identifying instances of plagiarism, which involves the unattributed use of someone else's work, ideas, or content. Its primary objective is to ensure content remains original and respects intellectual property rights.

In contrast, AI Content Detection specifically determines the origin of a given piece of text, confirming whether it's authored by a human or generated by an artificial intelligence system. Its aim is to provide insights into the integrity of content. While both detection types uphold content integrity, they address different aspects of content evaluation and originality.

Educators have methods to detect AI involvement in student assignments. Other than signs of unnatural language, inconsistencies, or AI detection tools, they may observe irregularities or a lack of depth in the work. Consequently, students should exercise caution when relying on AI for school assignments, as it may be perceived as academic dishonesty.

The accuracy of AI Content Detectors can vary. Notably, our AI Content Detector demonstrates robust performance, with a high degree of precision in identifying AI-generated content from sources like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and other prominent text generation tools. As technology continues to evolve, we endeavor to further enhance out tools accuracy, ensuring the reliability and authenticity of online information.

Search engines like Google are actively working to refine their algorithms for detecting AI-generated content and addressing concerns about its impact on search engine optimization (SEO). While AI-generated content has raised concerns about generating low-quality spam, search engines are adapting to effectively recognize and manage such content.

Certainly. Our AI Detection solution provides insights into specific sections of text authored by humans and portions generated by AI, offering a transparent breakdown of content origin.

Our AI Content Detector is available for free with specific usage limitations. Users can conduct up to 10 sessions per day, with each session allowing analysis of up to 500 words, ensuring ample opportunity for comprehensive content review, emphasizing accuracy and authenticity.