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  • Gather in-depth actionable insights and adhere to technical compliances
  • Measure a document’s compliance against 25+ expertly-curated AI-powered checks
  • This Report is tailor-made to check academic manuscripts before journal submission

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The Technical Check Report Enables you to Maintain Compliance Related to

Manuscript Sections

Identify the presence/absence of important sections in your manuscript such as Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References with the help of this report.

Authorship Details

Detect authorship details such as author details, affiliations, and correspondence in your manuscript and decide whether to retain them based on target journal requirements.

Ethical Statements

Be ethically compliant by ensuring the presence of important statements such as financial disclosure, ethical approval, informed consent, conflict of interest, data availability, and author contribution with the help of this report.

Keyword Suggestions

Get suggestions to include appropriate keywords to gain the necessary traction on multiple digital platforms and magnify your research impact.

Reference Checks

Avoid the use of outdated references which were published more than 10 years ago and weaken your research argumentation.

Use of Figures and Tables

With the help of this report, you can check whether the figures and tables inserted in your manuscript include captions, citations, and are also cited in the correct order.

Anonymization Checks

Be better prepared for double-blind peer review with our report as it detects the presence of author information, funding details, ethical considerations, conflicts of interest, clinical registry numbers, and personal information in your manuscript.

Abstract Formatting

Identify the type of abstract (structured/ unstructured), detect the presence of citations, and find out the word count to achieve the journal-mandated technical compliances related to an abstract.

Structural Guidelines

Check all structural compliances such as the presence of title, title length, manuscript word count, and presence or absence of important sections in your manuscript.

Meet Technical Compliances with AI

Explore our AI-powered Technical Check Report

Evaluate manuscripts against 25+ publication-readiness checks and meet all standard compliances.

Reference checks

3 parameters checked

Number of references Pass

References found

Missed reference citations Pass

References found

Bibliography completeness Fail

Few citations do not have a correspond

Figures & Tables

4 parameters checked

Figure captions Pass

Figures were found captioned and cited

Table captions Pass

Table were found captioned and cited

Reading through the filters of interpretative differences

Let us now shed some light on the following statement: '"I cannot experience your experience. You cannot experience my experience'",[7]7., as a fact, it is clear that the Evidently, two individuals will evaluate gaps in the same plot in two different ways. If these two individuals belong to different sexes, races, and classes, the dissimilarities between their interpretations will be significant.

For example, if I am a female reader and i feel may view that Sula’s way of living is as totally inappropriate, whereas a male reader might perceive it as interesting and, even, fun (Vgawa, 2010). In the same manner Similarly, it may is also happen possible that a female reader, such asme myself, but from a different class, or someone who has experienced the same life will contrast contradict my views.This is why Therefore, class and sex are both become important aspects to when be taken into considering consideration responsible for the reader’s interpretation.


Document Structure

9 parameters checked

Title Pass

A title with ideal word count detected

Author Pass

3 authors found

Affiliations Fail

3 authors found

Compliance checks

6 parameters checked

Financial Disclosure Pass

Funding statements have been detected

Ethical approval statement Pass

Ethical approval statements detected

Informed consent statement Pass

Informed consent statements have been detected

Suitable for

Journal Editors

Journal Editors

Speed up the desk review process by evaluating the technical compliances of manuscripts.

Journal Reviewers

Journal Reviewers

Save time by not reviewing a manuscript’s adherence to technical compliances and focus solely on the novelty of research.


Early-career Researchers

Increase chances of journal publication by avoiding the common technical compliance-related errors made by novice researchers.

Technical Checks for Publishers

Using our 25+ AI-powered technical checks, you can efficiently measure all the compliances in the manuscripts submitted to your journals

Data Security & Privacy

Maintaining data security and privacy is at the heart of everything that we do. We do not share any data with external bodies or use it for AI training purposes.

On-demand Customization

We customize the checks based on the specific requirements of your journals.

API Available

Seamlessly integrate technical checks in your submission system workflow with our fast, secure, and scalable API.

Anonymization Checks

Screen manuscripts efficiently for blinded peer review to speed up the entire peer review process.

What Makes us Stand Out?

Tailor-made for Academic Documents

Our AI engine is specially trained to understand the nuances of technical and academic documents in order to identify compliance-related gaps.

Subject Area-specific Compliance Checks

The compliance checks consider the subject area of your manuscript rather than giving the same suggestions for all manuscripts.

Editorial Experience Transformed into Proprietary Technology

Decades of editorial expertise at Enago have driven the creation of our AI engine, which powers our user-friendly Technical Check Report.


“Maintaining technical compliances has never been this seamless! Thanks to the AI-powered report, I can confidently ensure that my work adheres to standard technical requirements. The in-depth insights and actionable guidance provided have made a significant difference in the quality and accuracy of my work.”

Min-seok Kim

Min-seok Kim

“The AI-powered report has been a game-changer for me in maintaining technical compliances. With over 25 expertly-curated AI-powered checks, I can confidently ensure that my documents meet the highest standards. The insights provided are invaluable, guiding me towards a level of compliance I can trust.”

Karen Moore

Karen Moore

“The report's ability to ensure manuscript completeness is truly impressive. Within minutes, I receive detailed feedback on the document's structure, helping me confirm that all necessary information is included. Moreover, the tool's capacity to maintain ethical integrity is invaluable.”

Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson

Frequently asked questions

It typically takes less than 5 minutes for the report to generate. You will be able to open the report page as soon as it is ready.

Enago Technical Check Report is suitable for all journals and subject areas. In order to be useful to a wide range of users, we have made the report as general as possible.

We offer APIs that make it easy for you to integrate the report in your workflow. Please write to

Absolutely! We work with journal editors to customize our reports for their particular journal. Please write to and we will get back to you.