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Download File With Tracked Changes

Download and finalize a track changed file showing the various changes you selected in the Trinka editor.

Retain Original Formatting

Your content will be updated with all changes made as track changes, ensuring the original formatting is always retained.

Language Quality

Get an indicative score of the overall language quality of the document based on the number of revisions by category.

Table of Revisions

View a detailed table of revisions by language category for a quick understanding of the type of edits made.

Style Guide Preferences

Tailor the grammar & word choice of your manuscript to comply with popular academic style guides (AMA 11th, AGU 2017).

LaTeX/ TeX File Editing

Our technology supports the proofreading of LaTeX/TeX files.

Perfect any Writing With AI

Explore our AI-powered File Proofreader

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence while proofreading documents by automatically identifying all errors.

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10 Oct 2022 | 6:52 PM


Language Score



The important mechanisms are involved in the elevation of blood pressure in subjectssubject with kidney disease (Guyton et al., 1990). High blood pressure is almost

AI Comment

Consider reviewing or deleting this word, depending on the context. Such words are called hedge words as they are used to reduce the certainty or directness of an argument. If used unnecessarily, it can lessen the impact of your message. Use such words selectively.

always present during all stages of chronic kidney disease.
UrinalysisA urinalysis may show protein or other changesother change. These changes may appear 6 months to 10 or more years before symptoms appear. The kidney function tests analysedanalyse creatinine clearance and blood urea nitrogen levels.

It has been reported thatIt is reported that hypertension is the seventh highest contributor to premature death in developing countries (Deepa et al., 2003). The prevalence of hypertension in developed and developing countries is very high and is increasing at an alarming ratespeed). Nearly 26 %per cent of the adult population worldwide is affected by hypertension.

AI Comment

Passive voice: This action (is affected) seems to have a 'doer' or 'agent' (hypertension). Consider using the active voice. For example, the sentence 'The risk of osteoporosis was decreased by a higher vitamin C intake' is in the passive voice; it can be changed to the active voice like this: 'A higher vitamin C intake decreased the risk of osteoporosis.'

Chronic kidney disease affects more than 20 million US adults, while while more than 79,812 chronic dialysis patients die each year in the United States, with an annual unadjusted mortality rate of 20 to 25% (Coresh et al., 2007). The prevalence of hypertension in patients with chronic kidney disease is estimated to be more than 60%, and more than 90% in patients with advanced renal failure.

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Writers and Editors

Authors, content writers, and editors can use file proofreader to enhance their writing and editing.



Corporates can use this tool to swiftly edit any important document to be used for internal or external circulation.



Student can use automated file editing to proofread their academic papers, essays, and various other submissions.



This tool can assist researchers and academic scholars with articles and research documents to enhance their writing and editing process.



This will help publishers with the initial screening of the submissions saving quality time when analyzing multiple submissions.

Content Creators

Content Creators

Any kind of content creator can use this tool to automatically make their writing error-free and presentable.

Perfect any Writing With AI

File Proofreader for Enterprises

Effortlessly integrate our File Proofreader API into your enterprise workflows

Copy-edit Level Recommender

See the exact copy-editing effort for each manuscript instantly and save time and effort with our copy-edit level recommender.

Real-time Writing Assistance

Real-time academic grammar correction and language enhancement for users of a manuscript writing platform.

Data Security & Privacy

Maintaining data security and privacy is at the heart of everything that we do. We do not share your organization’s data with any external bodies or use it for AI training purposes.

Use Cases

Real-time Grammar Error Suggestions

Our API provides real-time writing corrections on learning platforms, editors, chat applications, and the like.

Subject Area-specific Proofreading

Customize the check to provide the most relevant suggestions based on your subject area and type of manuscript.

Screening manuscript quality

Using the file proofreader, editors and publishers can increase efficiency during the initial screening process by eliminating low-language-quality manuscripts and concentrating solely on the high-language-quality manuscripts.

What Makes us Stand out?

17+ Years of Expert Editing Experience

Our extensive experience as providers of top-notch English editing service adds credibility to our proprietary technology.

Superior AI Technology

Our Proofreader is powered by our cutting-edge AI technology. We do not use any Large Language Models to get the grammar error suggestions.

100+ Grammar Error Categories Covered

The Proofreader can identify 100+ grammar error categories in any document to provide the precise areas of improvement.


“It's like having a virtual assistant that enhances my proofreading efforts. The power of AI has truly elevated my editing process. Plus, the ability to download an editable file with tracked changes adds an extra layer of convenience, making it even easier to implement improvements”

David White

David White

“The option to download a tracked changes file is fantastic. It lets me see and confirm my edits from the Trinka editor effortlessly, while maintaining the original formatting. The Language Quality Score is a valuable bonus, offering insights into the document's overall language quality and revisions”

Hyun-jae Kang

Hyun-jae Kang

“The Table of Revisions is a brilliant feature that offers a clear overview of edits by language category. It's incredibly helpful to understand the changes made. Trinka's ability to adhere to various style guides, like AMA 11th and AGU 2017, ensures my manuscript is polished and professional”

Ying Liu

Ying Liu

Frequently asked questions

You get the following once you upload your file and run File Proofread:

  1. Proofread file with all changes in track changes. You can review these changes and accept or reject them using Microsoft Word or any other compatible Word processor. This file will also include comments explaining the corrections.
  2. You will also receive a detailed summary which incorporates the number of revisions, type of grammatical errors made, and an overall writing quality score

  • You can upload as many documents as you wish to be automatically edited. There is no limitation on the number of documents that can be uploaded. Only 1 credit is used for every 5000 words in your file(s)
  • You can upload only one document at a time

  1. Just Sign up on Enago Reports. You will find the File Proofreader option when you have uploaded a file.
  2. Select File Proofreader option and click on Generate Report.
  3. Get your auto-edited document in minutes!

  1. Credits are like tokens that allows you to utilize various features on Trinka and Enago Reports as required. Purchase credits as low as $3.6/credit. Buy credits
  2. You will receive 2 credits every month and Trinka premium users get 5 credits every month.
  3. File Proofreader uses 1 credit for every 5000 words in your file